What's ON

Friday 20th

Enter the Ether: A Steampunk Soiree

FuBar (Bar 74), Union Street
7:30pm - Late

A night with an Enigmatic Fusion of Steampunk and gothic dark elegance.

TICKET ONLY (Over 18 only)

"Corsets and Top hats" Dinner Party

Royal Esplanade Hotel, Esplanade
7:30pm - Late

For your pleasure we present a chilled and relaxed evening to celebrate and revel in our inaugural steampunk festival in style.
Come join us and wine and dine in style in your steampunk finery at the lovely Royal Esplanade Hotel along Ryde Seafront.
Special dine and stay rates arranged for this special occasion.
Sit back and enjoy the evening with your hosts, the famous talented Steampunk entertainers for the evening

This event is planned with the need for a minimum attendance ticket sale and is subject to cancelation with a full refund.


Seafarers Mutiny:  Tales from the Pirates Cove

The Star Coffee & Ale House, 40 High Street
7:30pm - Late

For a chilled evening of whimsical entertainment why not join in the relaxed fun at this enchanting friendly artisan coffee and ale house.  
Relax, sing along and enjoy the festivities over a nice drink in the warm embrace of our welcoming ale house.

Dust off your tricorn hats and unfurl those sails of creativity! It’s time to dive into your treasure trove of attire and don your most stunning pirate or seafaring ensemble! Let your imagination run wild as you prepare to sail into a whimsical world of adventure and excitement at our seafarer’s soirée.

Join us for our Pirates on parade with ships mates of The Crew along with our special guest on the Hurdy Gurdy and Pirate Ed.


Saturday 21st

Ryde Eastern Gardens : from 10am

Early birds don’t miss out and get down to Eastern Gardens in Ryde to visit our vendors and have fun with the free stage events running from 10am to 5pm. Look out for our street entertainers on and off during the day, and lots more.  Details to follow.


Steam Squad Storytellers

FuBar (Bar 74), Union Street : Noon to 4pm

Our celebrated Steam Squad Storytellers, Monty and Holly, will take you on a journey like no other, weaving tales of mystery, intrigue, and endless possibilities. So gather your friends and family, don your finest steampunk attire, and set sail for an afternoon of fun and adventure at the Enchanted SteamFest.


Vintage Vibes with Modern Twists

FuBar (Bar 74), Union Street : from 7:30pm

Another eclectic evening of magical music and entertainment.


STEAMFEST: The  Steampunk ConcerT

The Balcony, Esplanade : from 7:30pm


Sunday 22nd

Ryde Seafront : From 10am

The Steampunk Promenade Parade

It’s your last day to show off your Steampunk finery.
Dress to impress one last time while you literally promenade down Ryde Esplanade along the sea front back to Eastern Gardens for our first ever Steampunk Promenade Parade and grand gathering photoshoot!