Friday's Entertainment

Enter the Ether: A Steampunk Soiree

FuBar (Bar 74), Union Street
7:30pm - Late

Advance: £17.50 (£15 early-bird)
Door: £20

A night with an Enigmatic Fusion of Steampunk and gothic dark elegance.

Step right up ladies and gentleman for a night like no other and join us for an evening of music and mystique.

Marvel as we transport you to a Victorian Bygone era which will unfold before your very eyes in a side show that defies the ordinary.
Prepare for thrills that will leave you spell bound as we push the boundaries of entertainment.

A night filled with music, mystery and mayhem, and a hint of tantalising mystique.  

Have fun…

TICKET ONLY (Over 18 only)
7:30pm - 8:30pm
Victor Sierra
8:45pm - 9:30pm
Bloody Bones
10:00pm - 10:10pm
Betty Nails Burlesque
10:15pm - 11:15pm
Mr Strange

"Corsets and Top hats" Dinner Party

Royal Esplanade Hotel, Esplanade
7:30pm - Late


For your pleasure we present a chilled and relaxed evening to celebrate and revel in our inaugural steampunk festival in style.
Come join us and wine and dine in style in your steampunk finery at the lovely Royal Esplanade Hotel along Ryde Seafront.
Special dine and stay rates arranged for this special occasion.
Sit back and enjoy the evening with your hosts, the famous talented Steampunk entertainers for the evening:

The Antipoets
Baron Fortitude

Tickets/booking: Direct from Royal Esplanade Hotel
(Tel. 01983-562-549 and ask for your steampunk discount)


Seafarers Mutiny:  Tales from the Pirates Cove

The Star Coffee & Ale House, 40 High Street
7:30pm - Late

For a chilled evening of whimsical entertainment why not join in the relaxed fun at this enchanting friendly artisan coffee and ale house.  
Relax, sing along and enjoy the festivities over a nice drink in the warm embrace of our welcoming ale house.

Dust off your tricorn hats and unfurl those sails of creativity! It’s time to dive into your treasure trove of attire and don your most stunning pirate or seafaring ensemble! Let your imagination run wild as you prepare to sail into a whimsical world of adventure and excitement at our seafarer’s soirée.

Join us for our Pirates on parade with ships mates of The Crew along with our special guest on the Hurdy Gurdy and Pirate Ed.


Baron Fortitude

Baron Fortitude - Victorian Rapper extraordinaire. How did such a delicious anachronism come to be?

Born in the 19th Century to wealthy parents, I became an orphan at the age of Seven when they both mysteriously turned up missing, and was thus thrust into a life of poverty as a street urchin, scraping by a meagre existence as a Crossing Sweeper.

I then progressed to working in a Boot Blacking work house, where I met a young Charles Dickens, until I was eventually taken in as a house servant to Lady Faversham, an aging widow of nobility.

Educated in the ways of the Upper Classes, I soon became a master in the ways of business and science, and rediscovered my lineage, reclaiming my birthright title of Baron.I built a secret undersea laboratory - though that is a story for another time - and proceeded to conduct experiments on my greatest ever idea - electric refrigeration (whilst also manufacturing gin on the side).

Unfortunately there was a terrible accident. The details are a little hazy as I had been testing quite a bit of gin that day, but I became trapped in ice! When I finally defrosted it was the Twenty First Century.

Returning to society at this point, I became horrified to find that the world had all but forgotten the name of Baron Fortitude! I sought to rectify this immediately in the most efficient manner possible, which I have gathered from the briefest of studies into Twenty-First Century "culture", is via the medium of Hip-Hop.


Bloody Bones

Step into the world of the enigmatic and spine-chilling spectacle of Bloody Bones, our Victorian side show act straight out of folklore.  

Prepare to gasp in amazement as the original bogeyman defies pain with feats that will leave you spellbound.

Dare to peek through your fingers as you witness a show that will haunt your dreams and exhilarate your senses like never before

One of folklores scariest creatures.

Bloody Bones - The original bogeyman!


Betty Nails Burlesque

Betty Nails has been serving her own unique blend of glittery burlesque chaos on stages across the country for over 10 years now, and, as Director of long running Brighton institution The Sassy Cabaret Club, is showing no signs of stopping yet! She will be bringing her finest goth steampunk realness to the festival along with all the sass you can handle.

Not one to miss!

Miss Betty

Mr Strange

Prepare to be transported to a realm where music meets madness.  
Be enthralled as our headline band joins us as we unveil the enigmatic and electrifying sounds of Mr Strange, the electro-cult-circus-rock steampunk band hailing from these shores.

The music of Mr Strange features in cult horror movies including Zombie Women, Dolly Deadly and Satan2.

This 4-piece rock sensation promises a night of spectacle, energy and bizarre costume.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic and electro rock sounds of Mr Strange.


"Time Jump Histories" Buccaneer

Edward Nash

So while the music plays why not indulge in the thrilling history of pirates as told by our Isle of Wight expert Edward Nash.

Join Edward for captivating tales from the golden age where adventure and mystery wash up together in the high seas with daring escapades and hidden treasures.  

Get in the mood as you start your evening of fun entertainment and music.

Edward Nash

The Crew

We kick off our evening of fun music with this Isle of Wight maritime ensemble.

The Crew will be offering a sensational menu of raw and rhythmic fusion of folk music, sea shanties and contemporary melodies (with a hint of rock ).

The Crew play mostly traditional instruments - recorders, accordions, mandolin, ukulele, acoustic six string, tenor and bass guitars, bird box and monkey stick - while frontman Paul captains the band, commanding The Crew with his distinctive vocal take on well and lesser-known folk songs with the choral backing of his shipmates.

Get ready to be swept away by their captivating tunes and infectious energy as they present a night to remember

The Crew


Ahoy mateys!

Prepare to be mesmerised by the enchanting melodies of Gurdybird, Tamsyn Swingler, our expert hurdy-gurdy performer who will be gracing our pirate/ seafarers themed soiree in her splendid tricorn pirate outfit.  

Let her musical magic transport you to distant shores as you revel in the mystical sound s of this unique instrument.

What is a Hurdy Gurder?

Imagine a musical time machine that whisks you away to the days of yore with its enchanting sound! That's the hurdy-gurdy for you - a magical contraption that's part violin, part bagpipe, and all-around wonder! As you turn its crank, hidden strings hum, creating a melody that's both ancient and timeless. It's like having a whole orchestra in a box, ready to serenade you with its quirky charm and historical flair!